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Servers, Storage, Memory, Server Chassis, Controller cards, Computer components, Cables.. 

Routers, Switches, IP Phones, Wireless Lan, Transceivers, Small Business, Security Appliances, Wireless, Media Converters, Pluggable Optical Modules, PCI Adapters, PoE Injectors and Splitters, Network Management Software, NetCovers and Licenses, Network Interface Card ..

Professional Audio, Video and Photo equipment. mixers, musical instruments, DJ gear, live sound equipment, selections for live bands, home audio, broadcasting, location sound 

Broadcast Towers, RF Transmitters, Antenna, Power dividers, Cavity Filters and Combiners, Connectors, Transmission cables and Jumpers. 

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS), UPS Accessories, Metered Rack PDU, 19-inch rack installation cabinets, VRLA AGM batteries, Replacement battery kits .. 

Fire alarm, security systems, sound, public address, communication, cabling, wireless connectivity, doorbells, garage door access, home security sensors, thermostats, and landscape lighting

Maintenance, repair and overhaul of tech systems provided by the best technicians available in the market. 


We successfully cooperate with the leading transport companies that make sure orders are delivered quickly and safely.


All products purchased have manufacturer's warranty. We can offer an extended warranty: 12 to 24 months after the expiration of the standard manufacturer's warranty. Ask for detailed description of the warranty procedures.